Property Owner or Manager Requirements 

When you have vehicles that are improperly parked, abandoned on your property, or left in an inoperable condition,  we can help you clear up the issues. 

When you call to have a vehicle removed we will send a truck out to pick up the vehicle, normally within 1 hour of the time you call. Before calling us to have the vehicle removed, please review the list of requirements below to insure that we are able to remove the vehicle without issue.  If you have any questions on the requirements below please feel free to call us and we can help you with those questions. 

When we remove a vehicle it is transported to our storage facility. You are not responsible for any charges for the vehicles that are brought to our facility. The owner of the vehicle will be responsible for all charges (towing, daily storage, and processing fee) when they claim their vehicle. 

There are a few requirements that must be met before vehicles will be impounded. 

These requirements are as follows:

  • Publicly accessed property- We will not remove vehicles from individual residences. We will impound from places of business and apartment complexes.

  • Signs posted- The most effective way to control parking issues at your location is to post signs restricting parking to tenants or customers. Signs must state that unauthorized vehicles may be removed at owners expense.

  • Violation Stickers- If you do not have signs posted at your property, violation stickers must be applied to the vehicle. These

stickers must state that the vehicle must be removed or they will be impounded. Stickers must be placed on the vehicle a minimum of 24 hours prior to calling us to have the vehicle removed. Although stickers are not required if you have signs posted, it is generally good to sticker them to give your patrons or residents a chance to correct their parking issues. We have a limited quantity of stickers available for purchase if you do not have any. 

  • Owner/Manager Responsibility-  Only an authorized representative of the property owner or manager may call to have a

 vehicle removed. If you lease or rent your property, you must contact the owner to have a vehicle removed. A representative of the property owner or management company must make themselves available to sign our tow order. By doing so, the representative states that they have valid cause to have the vehicle removed and that the owner has been given proper notice either by signage or sticker. You may also be asked to denote on our tow order any prior damage to the vehicle so that we have a witness that damage was not caused during transport.